Telegram bot ⇄ Slack channel

Each chat with Telegram bot appears in a new thread of selected channel.

Telegram group ⇄ Slack channel

Realtime seamless messaging with same avatars.


Subscription price is just 7$ per Slack channel per month.

White label

Use your own Telegram bot and branding.

Ask for Enterprise solution

All message types

Document, photo, video, voice, audio, stickers, emoji, reactions, avatars.


Telegram support service included: just @ask_Telebot

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Telegram group and Slack channel integration

Install Add to Slack and you're almost ready to go.

Connect Telegram bot to Slack channel

Install Add to Slack and forward all Telegram chats to Slack channel threads or use it as your customer support bot.


Just use ### in the beginning of reply, example:
### your secret comment

If the thread is older than 24 hours "Also send to #channel" feature will be used. If older than 7 days — new thread will start. If you need to change delay times — just @ask_Telebot

Telebot adds 👍 and 👎 inline-buttons to Telegram bot. Once used they add same reactions to Slack thread.

Check your Telegram settings → Privacy and Security → Profile photo. It should be either set to «Everybody» or allowed in exceptions for group or bot.

Just remove Telebot Slack App from the channel.

More questions? — just @ask_Telebot.

Privacy policy


We only store data if we can't avoid that; we don't share anything

We respect your privacy and are not going to share any of your personal information to any third party or use it in any way other than to provide you this service. We store account data necessary for the service to function.

We do not store your messages. After our software forwards them to Slack/Telegram, they are gone from our servers.

We automatically remove your account and data associated with it after your subscription becomes inactive. Please contact us in case you require immediate removal.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any concerns regarding your privacy with our service.

All communications are SSL-encrypted.


Don't hesistate to ask! We are more than happy to help you.

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